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Trust Services

Substantial Savings for Trust Administration and Investment Services

FLATFEECIO collaborates with your tax and legal professionals to create sophisticated asset transfer strategies that aim to protect and preserve your wealth. Tactical forward planning seeks to minimize the impact of taxes on your estate and can also protect your assets from critical health, personal and business risks.
Effective estate planning allows you to preserve your lifestyle while efficiently transferring assets to the next generation or to your family’s selective charities.

We offer trust services through independent national trust companies dedicated to the administration of trusts and other family wealth arrangements such as family offices, businesses and foundations. These independent national trust companies dedicate their attention to serving the clients of financial advisors, delivering trust services and applying their high quality service to every step of the trust administration process.

Independent trust companies specialize solely in providing administrative fiduciary services for a separate annual fee that allows FLATFEECIO to preserve the low fixed dollar annual retainer available for our wealth management services. 

FLAT FEE CIO does not provide tax advice or services.

For a sample savings impact of our fixed annual investment fee with independent national trust company administration click on the link below.

Trust Savings Impact