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Family Offices and Foundations

Core Benchmark and Quantitative Efficient Investing

Financial services technology has also transformed the management of family office and foundation assets with a low transparent annual fixed dollar fee structure for core investment management.  Our low fixed dollar fee replaces the percentage on assets fee structure. Our substantially lower fee thresholds that retain a high level of service and customization can translate into higher net returns and higher net distributions for your family office or institution.

Our value added strategies are best described as "Core Efficient" and "Quant Efficient" and can be customized to your family and foundation's expression of desired risk and return.

Our Core Efficient portfolios incorporate low cost Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) backed by ongoing research from some of the leading global institutional investment management firms.

Our strategic index investing can create a custom benchmark that captures actual returns and not theoretical performance measurements.  This active modeling seeks to replicate a designated benchmark that can be compared to relevant higher cost active strategies that seek to outperform the risk and reward parameters of the select model.  

This approach provides balance through investment style cycles of passive and active investing and captures actual returns for both passive benchmarking strategies and competitive active managers hired to deliver superior risk adjusted performance.

Our "Quant Efficient' strategies also incorporates low cost Exchange Traded Funds (ETF)  in quantitative and algorithm based actively managed growth strategies that include sector rotation, momentum, and market hedging with active risk reduction. 

Our Core and Quant Efficient strategies are often paired to provide both passive and active style exposure with an overlay of downside risk management all under our fixed annual fee