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Our Fixed Fee Full Service Wealth Management Solution

Our Low Fixed Dollar Annual Fee Can Unlock The Potential for Significant Annual Savings Year After Year.

Retain An Experienced Fiduciary For A Low Fixed Annual Fee

Efficient wealth management technology has reached a tipping point that has expanded the suite of wealth services and ushered in fixed fee alternatives at substantially lower thresholds in the marketplace. Now a fixed dollar annual fee can replace the old percentage on assets fee structure that may now be expensive to retain. 

An Expanded Suite of Services

 Included in our fixed annual fee is the aggregation of all of your financial related accounts into a single secure portal backed by Fidelity Investments. Your dynamic wealth plan stays current and available in a single location that is updated daily. In addition, our fee includes ongoing risk management and monitoring of all investment accounts together with core planning for income distribution and tracking your goal based growth objectives.

Our Fiduciary Review is Your First Step Toward Savings

 Updating your wealth plan and replacing your old percentage on assets wrap fee with our low fixed annual retainer can potentially recoup tens of thousands of dollars per year on your existing investments. The substantial savings potential under our fixed fee versus a percentage fee structure goes directly to your bottom line each year.  As these are recurrent annual savings it doesn't take long to realize the dramatic cumulative impact of our efficient fee structure.  

The High Cost of Waiting

 Waiting for your existing institution to offer a low fixed fee alternative on your current investments may prove to be a costly delay.  For example, securing potential annual savings of $10,000 each year can grow to cumulative savings of $30,000 in just 36 months.