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Frequently Asked Questions

How Is FLATFEECIOs Fixed Fee Different?

Our flat fee is a fixed dollar fee and does not change with your daily account value. The old percentage on assets fee fluctuates and grows directly with the growth of your account over time.  With a fixed dollar fee the client determines any raise granted to the advisor. With the legacy percentage fee the dollar amount of the fee fluctuates and grows automatically with an increase in the market value of your investments.  Also fixed dollar fees more closely align with other recurrent annual professional services like legal and accounting.

How Can I Update My Current Wealth Plan with FLATFEECIO?

Most existing investment and individual retirement accounts can transfer over just as they are without selling any of your current positions to create an unnecessary tax consequence and you can begin to recoup the substantial savings immediately.  In addition, our fiduciary review may uncover additional underlying product cost savings and those positions can be reviewed for any tax or residual fee impact prior to making any changes.

How is FLATFEECIO able to offer more for less?

Advancing technology has transformed virtually every industry it touches, including financial services, with tremendous efficiencies that we pass on directly to our clients.

FLATFEECIO is the manifestation of the same process of technology transformation  driving down costs and expanding services for affluent investors.  

Over the past several decades, the cumulative advances in financial technology in affluent wealth management have now reached a tipping point delivering new fee structures at lower thresholds in the marketplace. Technology has expanded the suite of value added services like unified reporting of all of your financial related accounts and ongoing risk management that are included within our low fixed fee.

Who are your Financial Partners?

LPL Financial is our custodian for our client assets and is the nation's largest independent broker dealer. FLATFEECIO offers the flexibility and objectivity to deliver highly personalized concierge level wealth services with the strength and support of one of the nations leading investment firms. Learn more at