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<b>The Total Fee&#160;Iceberg&#160;</b>

The Total Fee Iceberg 

Your Legacy Percentage Asset Based Fee May Just be the Tip of Your Total Annual Fee.

Murky Layers of Additional Product and Platform Percentage Fees Can Substantially Increase The Total Ongoing Costs of Advice.

Multi-Layered Product Fees Can Lurk Below The Surface

Your percentage on assets advisor fee is an EXTERNAL professional expense that is a cash demand on your investment portfolio each quarter. But that may not be the total amount of ongoing costs associated with managing your investments.

There may also be INTERNAL percentage on asset fees associated with the underlying investment products selected in your portfolio. And like a percentage on assets advisor fee, these internal percentage based fees fluctuate and grow directly with the value of your investments.

Third party investment managers selected by your advisor may also charge a percentage on asset fee in addition to the advisor and product fees.

Platform and trading costs round out the additional underlying costs beyond the annual fee paid to the advisor.

All together these fees make up the total annual ongoing costs of investment management and they can significantly increase the total ongoing percentage fee you pay each year.

During our fiduciary review we may uncover that implementing lower cost alternatives can help substantially reduce internal product costs and further enhance net investment returns.
Together with our low fixed dollar retainer, the substantial savings on INTERNAL product costs can create an immediate and tangible advantage in higher net income and higher net returns.